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Sat, Sep 21 2019, 1:08 pm

TATA Teleservices galvanizes CIOs & IT-Heads of SMEs

By Digital Edge Bureau, 03.09.2019, 13:57

TATA Teleservices’ official delivering corporate presentation at the Panchkula event


TATA Teleservices’ official interacting with the participating CIOs at the Panchkula event


Team TATA Teleservices pitched in effectively the latest services with participating CIOs at the Panchkula event

In the realm of enterprise connectivity, TATA Teleservices provides industry-grade broadband as well as dedicated leased-lines to SME (small and medium enterprise) entities for addressing their growing needs for faster internet as well as PRI & SIP telephony in the country. Also, as the strong connectivity infrastructure the company maintains all across the country, it offers innovative voice-data integrated marketing solutions such as call register services, SMS services and toll free numbers.

However, TATA Teleservices has been known for offering MPLS VPN capability to SMEs, something a couple of other ISPs and telcos have also been active with. But then, the company goes a step further and introduces the idea of Smart VPN, which allows enterprises make even the non-TATA Teleservices connectivity—which might be in use at different locations within their organizations—secured and efficient. It just requires them to subscribe to at least one connection equipped with the Smart VPN technology, and then quite easily every segment of their non-TATA Teleservices internet can be imbued with MPLS VPN capability.

In recent times, TATA Teleservices has further expanded its optical fibre networks in the country—tilting decisively the media equilibrium away from copper to fibre.  The company makes great endeavour in reaching out to customers with reliable and efficient optical fibre connectivity provision.

Interacting with Digital Edge, Aditya Kinra, Vice President – SME Operations, TATA Teleservices, said, “The enterprise connectivity is no longer a ‘vanilla connectivity’, rather, it gets buttressed by a plethora of cutting-edge features, which bring in security and efficiency the way today’s SMEs carry on their integrated operations. Our Smart VPN is one of such great features that makes internet provided by other ISPs and telcos truly secured and efficient”. “No other service providers in India offer the kind of MPLS VPN (Smart VPN), which we offer”, accentuated Kinra.

The other area, where TATA Teleservices puts a lot of focus, is the growing domain of cloud computing. The company has made use of the power of cloud technology, which has enabled it roll out an array of services, which bring in great operational value to SMEs in India. “We not only offer world class data & voice connectivity to SMEs, but also carry an assortment of cloud services covering cyber security, network storage, enterprise documents management, and even IIoT (industrial IoT)”, said Kinra of TATA Teleservices.

For addressing the burgeoning cloud services market, the company runs several datacentres of its own in the country. The company shows eagerness for further expanding its existing cloud offerings. It looks well geared to provide the complete stack of cloud services encompassing IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), SaaS (software as a service), and UCaaS (unified communications as a service) in the country. In the meantime, the company has also started offering the content delivery network (CDN) services in India.

“We’ve been constantly evaluating the market trends within SME space, and we aspire to be a one-stop-shop for connectivity and cloud requirements of India’s millions SMEs. We want to serve them holistically”, said Kinra. “For that, TATA Teleservices has got huge competency in terms of funds, right kind of people, and efficient technology”, expressed Kinra.

However, one of the most talked-about offerings on the part of TATA Teleservices is its SmartOffice, a cost-effective single box solution, which allows business entities to have access to voice, data, network storage, and apps. “The SmartOffice brings an Opex model, where any SME including start-up need not invest on buying hardware pieces—wireless router, IP-PBX, and LAN switch—and allied software for running their integrated communications networks. This SmartOffice Box can act as a powerful communications hub for the main office or branch officers of any SME in the country. For evolving SMEs and star-ups SmartOffice can prove to be a boon as they don’t need to worry about procuring and deploying connectivity & unified communications equipments. We provide complete stack of hardware that go into creating IP-based integrated communication infrastructure that supports voice, data, and video assorted with enhanced sense-of-cloud; and for that, we don’t charge anything. We only charge for the services, which are routed through this box”, said Kinra. “We’ve optimized Smartoffice for harnessing the cloud services including UTM, DDoS, data storage, and document management services. The Smartoffice boxes can either be deployed at main offices as well as branch offices, which can function as integrated communications hubs. This affordable, reliable, easy-to-deploy solution can greatly enable SMEs and start-ups alike”, added he.

CIOs event at Panchkula
So, loaded with large portfolio of connectivity, unified communications and cloud services, TATA Teleservices has embarked on aggressive go-to-market strategy, wherein it makes concerted endeavours for reaching out to CIOs and IT-Heads of SMEs and even progressive start-ups in the country.

Quite recently, the company organized a ‘customers event’ at Holiday Inn—in the picturesque and ecologically refreshing town of Panchkula near Chandigarh—where over 120 CIOs & IT-heads of SME units participated.

Though, the participating CIOs & IT-Heads came in from a large swathe of business verticals, large percentages of them belonged to pharmaceutical and discreet manufacturing companies. Interestingly, most of the CIOs & IT-Heads related with pharmaceutical firms hailed from the state of Himachal Pradesh—especially from the hilly Tehsil of Baddi.

The Panchkula event was addressed by a team headed by Harpreet Bajwa, Head Sales, Punjab, TATA Teleservices. Richa Shah, Marketing Head (North & East Zones), TATA Teleservices, astutely managed the entire event.

Speaking to Digital Edge at the event, Bajwa said his company had succeeded in making deep inroads into the geographical areas comprising of Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh. “In the business landscapes of India, these states brim with promise for TATA Teleservices as thousands of SMEs run their operations based out of these areas. They all need assured and industry-grade connectivity provisions. A number of SME clusters focusing on specific verticals including pharmaceuticals and manufacturing thrive in these important states”, viewed Bajwa.

At the event, attendees were thoroughly briefed on the complete range of integrated connectivity solutions being offered by TATA Teleservices. However, intense focus was shed on the newly launched offerings including Smart VPN and SmartOffice. “The Smart VPN reflects our resolve on innovations we put into our service offerings. This technology can imbue MPLS VPN capability in any section of internet connectivity provided by any other ISPs and telcos. This means those enterprises having non-TATA Teleservices connectivity can still enjoy the security and efficiency any typical MPLS VPN carries”, said Bajwa.

The other hot offering being made by TATA Teleservices is SmartOffice, which was extensively discussed about at the event. “Our SmartOffice box is a path breaking offering for SMEs and start-ups, who want to have complete connectivity and communication solution without incurring even a single penny on buying related hardware”, viewed Bajwa.

TATA Teleservices also talked about IIoT (industrial IoT) solutions, which it launched recently. Its IIoT solutions cover asset management, fleet management as well as workforce management. Powered by cloud technology with assured connectivity provision, TATA Teleservices’ IIoT solution also attracts educational institutions as they need to manage their transportation systems.

However, Digital Edge interacted with many of the participating CIOs & IT-Heads at the Panchkula event, and felt that they really appreciated the integrated connectivity offerings TATA Teleservices makes. “I find a great value in the Smart VPN, which TATA Teleservices has come out. We’re actively evaluating it so that we put our distributed networked with multi ISPs footprints secured”, said Nipun Gupta, Systems Administrator, ESSESS Bathroom Product Pvt. Ltd.

While, Sachin Kumar Singh, DGM, IT & Communications, Venus Remedies Ltd, deeply appreciated TATA Teleservices’ SmartOffice solution. “The proposition that SmartOffice inflicts zero hardware cost to subscribers, makes it the hottest stuff. For SMEs, this looks very relevant as they would get the SmartOffice boxes deployed on the Opex model”, said Singh.

Another CIO in Pradyuman Kumar, Manager-MIS, Cachet Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, showed interest in TATA Teleservices’ IIoT offerings.
However, he expected the company to further develop IoT solutions for picking production related data on the manufacturing floors themselves so that informed decisions could be taken for better outcomes.

Over all, TATA Teleservices’ Panchkula event turned out to be a great success. Digital Edge discernibly sensed that a large number of CIOs & IT-Heads had been looking for switching over from their existing service providers to better ones, who could render efficient and secured services—an observation, TATA Teleservices would find interesting.


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