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Raritan’s KVM-over-IP makes manufacturing smarter in India

By Digital Edge Bureau, 19.07.2018, 15:35

Raritan’s KVM over IP portfolio gets huge market relevance and opportunity in the manufacturing sector in India

Raritan—a brand of Legrand, and a leading provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions, sees KVM-over-IP range adds significant value to the large scale manufacturing sector as manufacturing automation takes off in India and other global markets.

“We see a lot of potential for our KVM-over-IP portfolio in smart manufacturing in enterprises after Ministry of Heavy Industries’ initiative Samarth Udyog Bharat 4.0 that intends to accelerate the adoption of smart manufacturing solutions. In today’s Smart Manufacturing facilities, KVM solutions are deployed on manufacturing equipment the same way they are deployed in data centers. They provide a single point remote access to all manufacturing equipments in the facility, allowing better centralized management and planning of the facility. They also enable remote trouble shooting and repairs which not only reduces downtime and manpower requirements but also reduces physical access to highly sensitive manufacturing environment”, said Anjani Kumar, India Country Manager, Raritan-a brand of Legrand.

The Indian manufacturing industry will undergo a significant digital transformation and automation; the segment becoming a software-driven business. As part of its vision highlighted in Industry 4.0, companies in various sectors will increasingly focus on real-time dashboards showcasing the operational status of manufacturing subsystems. The KVM-over-IP products allow a single point remote access to all manufacturing equipments thereby allowing for centralized management and efficient production process and improve competitiveness. The use of remote monitoring and management software in manufacturing automation has yielded significant gains in productivity, reliability and efficiency.

The KVM-over-IP solution connects multiple manufacturing machines in the clean room to a local console controller (LCC). The LCC is equipped with a keyboard, mouse and monitor that allows on-site personnel to manage all connections. The LCC is connected to the computer interface module (CIM) as well. The CIM is then connected to Raritan’s Dominion KXIII KVM-over-IP switch. As the Dominion KXIII KVM-over-IP switch can be connected to up to 64 devices and uses TCP/IP networking, local or remote users can access or control all connected devices.


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