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Huawei’s all-flash NAS leads in SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark

By Digital Edge Bureau, 27.05.2018, 01:02

Huawei’s all-flash OceanStor 6800F V5 NAS (network attached storage) system takes a lead in the SPEC SFS 2014 performance testing benchmark

In a notable development, Huawei’s prowess in the network storage space gets further appreciated when its all-flash OceanStor 6800F V5 NAS (network attached storage) platform takes a lead in the SPEC SFS 2014 performance benchmark over industry competition. The all-flash OceanStor 6800F V5 NAS provides 500,009 operations per second (OPS), surpassing its competitors in all-flash NAS performance.
The standard performance evaluation corporation (SPEC) is a global and authoritative application performance testing organization, designed to formulate a series of application performance evaluation standards.

The SPEC SFS 2014 is the most stringent performance testing benchmark model SPEC has developed. This benchmark is used to test NAS performance in metadata-intensive scenarios and provide a standard measurement method for comparing the storage performance of devices from different vendors in specific application scenarios.

In March 2018, Huawei released its new-generation storage systems, including OceanStor F V5 intelligent all-flash storage and OceanStor V5 hybrid flash storage, which take performance and integration to the next level. This is done by using architectures specifically designed for all flash and hybrid flash layouts to provide organizations with a more complete data management solution for their critical services. In addition, the systems have built-in optimizations to enable all-flash, all-cloud, and all-intelligence strategies. These mid-range and high-end storage systems expand Huawei’s flash portfolio, enabling Huawei to meet an even broader range of customer requirements.

The SAN (storage area network) performance of Huawei’s OceanStor products has already been provenby SPC-1 testing. NAS performance test results at this time fully demonstrate the natural advantages of the parallel architecture used by OceanStor F V5 series. With leading SAN and NAS performance, Huawei is more than capable of providing customers with state-of-the-art storage products and delivering an improved data management experience.


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