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With McAfee, D-Link Wi-Fi router secures home networks

By Digital Edge Bureau, 09.01.2018, 03:32

Anny Wei, President & CEO, D-Link


D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi routers

At a time, when homes turn smarter, where bandwidth hungry devices are being increasingly adopted, people need wireless routers which give higher throughputs. But, the issue of security related with connected homes always makes people jittery about, especially when children tend to use PCs, mobile devices or gaming consoles. The growing entry of IoT footprints—such as smart thermostats, and smart refrigerators—into home environment also complicates the security scenarios as hackers and cyber criminals look for security holes in home networks.
It is this expediency, which convinced technology vendors into developing products, which address these issues.
So, quite recently, D-Link has come out with a new Wi-Fi router, AC2600, which has got McAfee secure home platform (SHP) integrated into the system. This makes the entire home network secured as it allows the home dwellers to have greater visibility and control on the devices accessing web contents. McAfee’s SHP is based on the technology called Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). Interestingly, the new product is also powered by Intel chipset, which enhances the wireless network efficiency, which is necessary for giving immersive smart home experiences.
The comprehensive solution includes D-Link’s high-performance dual-band 802.11ac router with MU-MIMO technology that enhances network capacity and efficiency for users, McAfee Secure Home Platform that automatically protects all devices connected to the network, and the Intel Home Wi-Fi ChipsetWAV500 Series to deliver robust Wi-Fi connectivity to numerous connected devices at the same time, running a range of high-bandwidth applications. The number of connected devices in the home has skyrocketed – from tablets and gaming consoles, to IP surveillance cameras, smart door locks, and more.
Anny Wei, President & CEO, D-Link, said, “As the number of connected devices in homes increases, consumers are increasingly concerned about online security threats. D-Link teamed up with McAfee and Intel to address these concerns with a powerful, easy to manage, all-in-one solution”. “The new AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee is our solution for consumers to help protect their homes and children from evolving online threats”, added Wei.
“We’re on the forefront of preventing and fighting cybercrime as consumers need to feel safe and protected as cyber threats continue to rise,” said John Giamatteo, Executive Vice President, Consumer Business Group, McAfee. “Our partnership with D-Link helps consumers benefit from both increased connectivity and peace of mind knowing that their connected devices are protected”, viewed Giamatteo.
Dan Artusi, Vice President & General Manager, Connected Home Division, Intel, said, “As consumers bring more devices and connected activities into their homes, they expect reliable, secure connectivity. We’re working closely with industry leaders like D-Link to develop solutions that make home networks faster, smarter and more secure”.


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