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For Matrix IP-PBX, healthcare sector smiles with promise

By Digital Edge Bureau, 08.10.2017, 13:26

For Matrix Comsec, healthcare has emerged as one of the top verticals for its IP-PBX systems & solutions in India and abroad


Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP. Sales & Marketing, Matrix ComSec: Giving his sanctions for focusing hard on healthcare sector

For Vadodara-headquartered Matrix Comsec, healthcare sector in India and abroad proves to be one of the chief verticals from where significant demands for IP-PBX systems & solutions come from. In today’s real time information exchange era, IP-PBX system sit at the core of what is called unified communication & collaboration (UC & C) architecture. Powered by suitable UC&C software, IP-PBX hardware platforms create highly efficient information exchange networks. A host of services including video calling, presence status, voicemail, instant messaging, chat, audio conferencing, call forward and call transfer can be available on the new-age IP-PBX platforms. A large portfolio of UC&C services can be made available on various access devices including laptops, smart-phones and tablets.
“Mobility, collaboration and improved communication network within hospital premises are some of the strengths of our telecom solutions. We’ve been constantly working to add more features to our portfolio for helping hospital authorities to improve patient care capabilities”, says SagarGosalia, Sr. VP. Sales and Marketing, Matrix ComSec.
For instance, a hospital in Pune that got Matrix IP-PBX system makes use of its VARTA mobility application, which allows doctors and the nursing staff to access all the PBX features from their laptops or Android/iOS based smart-phones. This lends depth and ease into the healthcare communication environment where stakes holders—including doctors, nursing staff, and of course patients and their attendants—need to be perpetually connected and accessible. In fact, any modern healthcare institution very much relies on hassle free communication provisions. For the Pune hospital, the VARTA application hugely improves the healthcare services, where mobile and paramedic staff can easily communicate with doctors, nurses, and other support staff of the hospital.
Similarly, Matrix installed an IP-PBX with 1,500 user capacity at a hospital in Bengaluru. The solution caters to the needs of for streamlining communication between the headquarter at Bannerghata, and its sister unit at Jayanagar. The VOIP connectivity between the two branches established a robust communication network, which has helped hospital authorities in reducing telephony costs by a whopping 45 percent.
For a Dubai-based sports clinic, Matrix IP-PBX equipped with CTI interface was integrated with its hospital management system (HMS) used by the clinic. Because of the integration, caller details such as the number of times he has booked an appointment and turned up flashed on the screen of the operator’s PC. Using the information, an operator could judge genuineness of callers and book a slot for them. The data available from CTI and HMS integration helped hospital authorities frame a cancellation policy and serve genuine patients better and on time.
So, these success stories make the point amply clear that hospital and other healthcare entities can reap huge benefits if they deploy IP-PBX systems & solutions. And Matrix ComSec is determined to address this important market with its rich portfolio of UC & C solutions.


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