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Gigabyte intros AORUS GA-Z270X motherboards

By Digital Edge Bureau, 01.05.2017, 16:09

Gigabyte has launched two class-leading motherboards—AORUSGA-Z270X-Gaming 9 and AORUS GAZ270XGaming 7—that comprehensively

Gone are the days when the PC gaming was supposed to be a mere pastime; now, the PC gaming takes the form of organized sporting instances. And the market that feeds this consumer segment has turned into a business worth billions of dollars globally.
As per the report published recently by DFC Intelligence (DFCI), the gaming software revenues are expected to escalate to $98 billion by 2020. In 2016, they were pegged at $79 billion.
Yet another study, Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report estimates that gamers would generate $99.6 billion in revenue for 2016 worldwide—8.5 percent higher than in 2015. While DFCI report focuses primarily on PC gaming, Newzoo’s report covers all formats—smartphone, tablet, handheld, TV/console, casual web games, or PC/MMO.
The console games continue to dominate the gaming formats with 29 percent share; the mobile games stand at No-2 with $36.9 billion revenues. PC gaming controls 27 percent share, marginally lower than mobile gaming. Another survey, by Deloitte Global, places the total global PC games revenue ($32 billion) ahead of Console games ($28 billion) for the year 2016.

Strong activity on the PC front
However you look at it, PC gaming remains as the serious format. The competition for PC gaming is primarily from gaming Consoles and mobile devices. Incidentally, this is happening even when there has been an overall decline in the desktop market. IDC statistics show that the PC shipments in India declined by 2.2 percent to 21.4 lakh units in the April-May-June 2016 period. On the other hand, Console games continue to dominate the space due to sustained marketing and distribution efforts by brands including Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. However, despite such competition, PC gaming continues to hold its ground, indicating healthy growth in the near future. (Source: DFC Intelligence)

The environmental factors
In addition to the technical factors, a few environmental factors also are at play giving a boost to PC gaming. For instance, consider the role of cyber cafes. According to Cyber Cafe Owners’ Association of India (CCAOI) there are about 72,000 cyber cafes in the country. Businesses are looking at exploiting the huge presence of cyber cafes as an opportunity to encourage PC gaming.
For instance, the Korean game publisher Funizen has converted 3,000-plus cyber cafes from India’s tier 2 and tier 3 cities into gaming zones. The PC hardware manufacturers, such as Nvidia, Gigabyte, and more, have been organizing gaming contests to promote PC gaming with the help of gaming zones and cyber cafes.
The easy availability of best-of-breed hardware components is another important factor boosting the adoption of PC gaming in India. Recently, the market leader Gigabyte launched two class-leading motherboards—AORUSGA-Z270X-Gaming 9 and AORUS GAZ270XGaming 7—that comprehensively. Designed for gaming enthusiasts, Gigabyte’s AORUS line of motherboards support Intel 7th and 6thGen Core processors and deliver great performance along with personalization.
The series delivers greater control in the hands of the gamers by incorporating several unique features such as liquid cooling support, customizable RGB LEDs, and enhanced smart fan controls. Gigabyte also offers another option, the high-end, GA-X99-Ultra Gaming mother boards.


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