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Israel’s Vital Intelligence Group to tap Digital India market

By Digital Edge Bureau, 30.04.2017, 15:07

Israel’s Vital Intelligence Group is all set to tap the Indian market with its specialized cyber security solutions

Vital Intelligence Group, Israel’s leading cyber security solutions provider—which specializes in defending critical infrastructure and modern age enterprises—is all set to address the Indian market. A slew of governmental initiatives including Digital India, Make-in-India, and smart-cities have opened up grand market possibilities around cyber security systems & solutions, something companies including Vital Intelligence Group want to address.
Towards that aim, the company plans to demonstrate its industry leading cyber intelligence platforms—which incorporate a host of predictive open source intelligence solutions (OSINT)—to firms and organizations empowering organizations with a predicative and pro-active investigative approach in tackling crime, terror and cyber
fraud in almost real time.
“With India emerging as a significant economy in the globe, the country is at an increased risk of targeted cyber- attacks aimed at its principal verticals including finance, defense, and government among others. The presence of hostile neighbors further bolsters the importance for the country to adopt pro-active defensive measures in the cyber security space”, says Marc Kahlberg, CEO & MD, Vital Intelligence Group. “Future wars will not just be confined to battlefields, but will be strategically decisive in the cyber space. The world is already involved in an advancing and ongoing cyberwar which will only get more intense as the globe gets connected and digitized”, adds Kahlberg.
The Vital Intelligence Platform incorporates a host of different cyber Intelligent solutions including a world first FUSION-KEY software that collects, fuses, manages and supports intelligence mission-enabling command, control, communications, surveillance, intelligence collection and location capabilities via advanced engineering and processes of the highest levels.
The Virtual Intelligence Collection System ‘VICAS’ solution by the company accumulates evaluative information from sources such as social media platforms, websites (including the deep dark web) as well as analyses internal databases to detect potential threats. This Vital Cyber Intelligence platform also offers comprehensive tools for proactive analysis, enhancing any safe and smart city initiative with the tools required to close the serious gaps facing cyber security.
The Vital Intelligence group is also excited about an increased collaboration between India and Israel in the technological and defense segment to help both the countries in preparing for the stealth cyber-war that is happening already.


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