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Jaipur smart-city gets Delta HD video-wall at its NOC

By Digital Edge Bureau, 29.03.2017, 00:48

Jaipur smart-city: The Rajasthan Government fires on all cylinders


Ms. Vasundhara Raje: Taking all measures to transform Jaipur into a true smart-city

Yes, working with great alacrity, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ms. Vasundhara Raje, has undertaken concrete steps, which have effected a definitive digital transformation of the capital city of Rajasthan into a smart-city covering utilities, transportation, traffic management, policing, education, healthcare, civic amenities and automation of government processes & services. For running and monitoring various operations related with the smart-city, Rajasthan Government took the initiative for establishing a Network Operating Centre (NOC). In fact, in the month of January this year itself, the NOC was inaugurated by Rajasthan’s Hon’ble CM. Cisco Systems has played a big role in providing the connectivity solutions to the Jaipur smart-city. Now the near complete NOC gets a high definition video-wall from Delta Electronics India, which already deployed hundreds of video-walls for firms and organization in the country. This market is also frequented by vendors like NEC, Sharp, Samsung, LG, BenQ, Barco, and Toshiba. However, winning of Jaipur smart-city project, and the successful deployment of high quality video-wall at its NOC is seen as a great feat for Delta Electronics in India.
“The city is set to become the most tech-savvy one in the country. All the feeds coming from various sources are integrated under the network operating centre. Delta’s video-walls at the centre would assist JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) officials to manage the city with greater efficiency and effectiveness,” said Vaibhav Galriya, Commissioner, JDA.
With the inauguration of JDA’s NOC, the Pink City, Jaipur is believed to becoming the first in the country, and in South-Asia to monitor and operate smart city infrastructure using a single network. The government has developed the NOC at the JDA headquarters.The Jaipur NOC is an initiative of the Jaipur Development Authority which will enable JDA officials to keep a check on all the activities in the city on one large screen. Equipped with Delta’s Full HD Videowall, the NOC integrates all recently developed digital infrastructure such as intelligent kiosks, wireless broadband, sensor-based dust bins, smart streetlights, parking, and app, among others.
“A 35 ft wide video-wall and fully integrated software application provides easy-to-use and highly flexible management tools for multi-site monitoring from the control centre. This enables operators to survey infringements such as zone intrusions, lifting of objects at monuments, and line crossings, by sending alarms and pop-ups on a regular basis,” said Devesh Gupta, Assistant Engineer, JDA.


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