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Ebullient Skybox vows to help firms meet NCIIPC guidelines

By Digital Edge Bureau, 09.02.2017, 22:05

Skybox, which offers security vulnerability and threat management solutions to enterprises, reaps bumper revenue growth in India


Sridhar Namachivayan, Regional Director, Skybox, India & SAARC: Commanding the Indian market advance

In the field of security vulnerability and threat management, US-based Skybox has seen a meteoric rise in the Indian market which gets manifested in a whopping 154 percent revenue growth the company has accrued in this digitally transforming country. The company also comes forward to help firms and organizations in meeting the security guidelines put in place by NCIIPC (national critical information infrastructure protection center). For addressing the issues around cyber-security through broader policy framework, the Modi Government established the NCIIPC, which is mandated to formulate guidelines and institutionalized do’s and don’ts for firms and organizations to have better and credible security postures. Quite recently, NCIIPC released 40 tenets to improve cyber-security in organizations essential to the economy, health and defense of India. In addition to these new guidelines are a patchwork of existing regulatory requirements laid out by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), as well as the Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) and the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Data Security Standard.
“Compliance may soon turn out to be the number one operational challenge for most of business establishments in India for that matter,” says Sridhar Namachivayan, Regional Director, Skybox, India & SAARC. “Without network automation to streamline workflows, data collection and analysis, tracking and reporting, security teams simply can’t keep up with compliance requirements. On top of that workload, they must also be concerned with the needs of the business and the day-to-day protection of their organization”, adds Namachivayan.
In a frank mien he advises not just to automate; rather automate with intelligence. “Start with a foundation of complete network visibility. Understand what it is you’re trying to protect, what is critical, the context of how your network and security controls fit together and how attacks could play out in your unique environment. Until you have that, automation may help you check a box in a compliance report, but it won’t keep your network safe”, says Namachivayan.
Now, on the business front, the company embarks on strengthening its market position further by opening an India support center in Bangalore. “The centre is aimed at providing additional technical support to customers in the country and APAC region”, says Namachivayan. As of now, Skybox works with 15 top-tier channel partners including Mahindra SSG, Valuepoint Techsol, Wipro and HCL Infosystems in India. “A $460 million market and one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world demands dedicated attention,” views, AviCorfas, VP, Skybox, Asia-Pacific & Latin America. “Internet penetration and adoption of ‘leap frog’ technologies like WLAN, mobile devices and virtualized networks are driving growth because they bring with them a dramatically different threat landscape and security management challenges. These challenges make security analytics and comprehensive network visibility vital to safeguarding the organization”, adds he.


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