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HPE brings every technical piece which builds IoT solutions

By Digital Edge Bureau, 07.12.2016, 17:48

Putting on garb of pragmatism: Be it edge computing, networking or security, HP Enterprise brings in every building block which creates IoT solutions for firms and organizations

As the idea around IoT (internet of things) gets pragmatic wings—more so with regard to industrial IoT—the mainstream IT systems & solutions provider like HP Enterprise puts focus on addressing the systemic requirements as well as fine-tuning of deployment possibilities for this new-age connectivity and analytics paradigm.
So, giving a strong message to the global market around IoT, HP Enterprise has announced new innovations that help organizations rapidly, securely and cost-effectively deploy IoT devices in wide area, enterprise and industrial deployments. These solutions include HPE mobile virtual network enabler; HPE universal IoT platform; Aruba ClearPass universal profiler; and HPE Edgeline servers.
As organizations integrate IoT into mainstream operations, the on boarding and management of IoT devices remains costly and inefficient particularly at large scale. Concurrently, the diverse variations of IoT connectivity, protocols and security, prevent organizations from easily aggregating data across a heterogeneous fabric of connected things.
To deliver on IoT’s promise of deriving valuable insights from billions of connected things, HPE is helping organizations optimize the lifecycle of IoT devices. By reducing IoT connectivity costs and translating device communications to a common language, HP Enterprise is arming organizations with tools to dramatically change the economics and viability of large scale IoT deployments.
“By approaching IoT with innovations to expand our comprehensive framework built on edge infrastructure solutions, software platforms and technology ecosystem partners, HPE is addressing the cost, complexity and security concerns of organizations looking to enable a new class of services that will transform workplace and operational experiences”, Keerti Melkote, Senior Vice President & GM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.“Cost-prohibitive economics and the lack of a holistic solution are key barriers for mass adoption of IoT”, adds Melkote.
In the meantime, India has opened up well to the market of industrial IoT systems & solutions. Dr. Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Technologies, says, “We’ve selected HP Enterprise as a key partner in realizing the Government of India’s Smart Cities’ mission. As a strategic partner for IoT, HP Enterprise will co-develop smart city use cases on smart metering, water and waste management, and smart parking and lighting, among other technologies. These will be our showcase for Indian urban and rural bodies”. “Our partnership with HPE demonstrates that collaboration and joint innovation can drive increasing value for all stakeholders of Smart Cities, enabling a transformative change in the everyday living experiences of its citizens. By combining our technology and services’ strength, we will offer a world-leading solution to the Smart Cities of India”, adds Agarwal.
“It is challenging to cobble together solutions from multiple vendors to interconnect and manage different IoT devices and systems,” says Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst, ZK Research. “This force fitting of solutions results in huge infrastructure and operations expenses and dramatically delays organizations’ introduction of IoT solutions. The new solutions HP Enterprise is delivering to address the barriers to IoT adoption can significantly shorten deployment times and simplify the network architecture which will also improve security”, views Kerravala.


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