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SAP puts forward predictive analytics to fight against cancer

By Digital Edge Bureau, 03.12.2016, 22:02

Banking on Predictive Analytics: Powered by SAP HANA, the SAP Medical Research Insights, and SAP Connected Health platform can help healthcare institutions to fight  against cancer

The gradual automation of healthcare sector in India creates a situation where data generated can be made into great use for fighting against dreaded disease like cancer which takes heavy toll in India—a whopping 700,000 deaths are attributed to this disease everywhere. Given such scenario, Germany’s SAP, world’s leading enterprise software applications provider, takes a pioneering position by customizing its SAP HANA real- time business analytics platform for coming out with what is called predictive analytics for ascertaining various aspects of cancer—comprising of its likelihood to strike individuals, effectiveness of medications, and chances of its recurrence in once-afflicted people.
Moreover, SAP APAC & Japan takes a brave initiative called 1BLives for covering over a billion people of this region by 2020 where their health related data would be subject to predictive analytics tools for combating cancer—which apart from many external factors, is caused by mutations and other events taking place in people’s genetic combinations.
In the meantime, SAP India has started working with some of the leading healthcare institutes in the country for rolling out the final solutions for cancer related R&D tasks using its predictive analytics. Quite recently, SAP India has struck an institutionalized tie-up with Ramesh Nimmagadda Cancer Foundation (RNCF), a Bangalore-based NGO focused on cancer data research. The RNCF provides its custom made data collection software OncoCollect, to institutions across India and also assists them with resources such as hardware, and manpower. “At SAP, everything we do is guided by our vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives,” says Deb Deep Sengupta, President & Managing Director, SAP Indian Subcontinent. “Together with RNCF, we aim to speed up data collection and analysis for better cancer treatment for patients in India and make a significant social impact in the country. I’m confident that as we move towards a cloud economy, initiatives such as 1BLives will help India rise economically, socially and digitally, while technology will help address many of the gaps”, adds Sengupta.
Working together with RNCF, the team at SAP aims to improve cancer treatment leveraging the capabilities of SAP Medical Research Insights and SAP Connected Health platform powered by SAP HANA that expedites data extraction, computation and visualization to convert patient data into meaningful insights including Predictive Analytics. The project aims to maximize patient outcomes for populations in India and throughout the region. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined SAP in this cause and will host the SAP Healthcare solutions and RNCF Software.
Dr. Ramesh B V Nimmagadda, Managing Trustee, Ramesh Nimmagadda Cancer Foundation, views, “The Indian patients react differently to some drug regimens and exhibit more side effects and low tolerance while some of the diseases behave differently based on the ethnicity. I’m excited to be a part of the team that gets to work on innovative technologies like SAP Connected Health platform and SAP Medical Research Insights, powered by SAP HANA, to integrate real world datasets, and give the user – a researcher or clinician – the freedom to perform analysis and gain insights from data to arrive at optimal treatment under the given local conditions.”
Moreover, Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Hyderabad; and Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi, are the first two hospitals in the country to have come forward to be part of SAP’s effort. The project already has pilot data from 50,000 patients and is expected to produce ground-breaking research insights in the battle against cancer to benefit patients in India.


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