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Pinaki Chatterjee heads China’s AXILSPOT in India & SAARC

By Digital Edge Bureau, 02.12.2016, 22:57

Pinaki Chatterjee is appointed as Director for Sales, AXILSPOT, India & SAARC

China’s leading wireless networking equipment supplier, AXILSPOT, which focuses on corporate and campus connectivity, has appointed Pinaki Chatterjee as Director for Sales, India & SAARC. A well-known IT leader, Chatterjee, earlier headed China’s another networking company, IP-Com, in India. Prior to that he also served ZyXEL and NETGEAR at senior positions in the country. Based out of Delhi, Chatterjee will be leveraging his expertise to help AXILSPOT aggressively participate in ambitious IT initiatives in the country including ‘Digital India’ and ‘100 Smart Cities’ with its comprehensive state-of-the-art line up of enterprise-grade wireless networking systems & solutions.
“We’re glad to have Pinaki Chatterjee onboard to expand our footprints in India. With his extensive knowledge repertoire in terms of deployment of cutting edge wireless equipments in corporate environment, he would work closely with our workforce in India—ensuring a smoother transition of the country to the digital era”, said, Bruce Zhou, CEO, AXILSPOT.
Holding a dual MBA degree and numerous technical certifications, he comes as a veteran in wireless network technology space and has successfully played sales leadership roles with leading organizations.
Sharing his delights on being appointed as Director of India & SAARC operations, Chatterjee, said, “I’m excited to be a part of AXILSPOT at a time when India is witnessing a rapid shift towards digitization. We’ll look forward to setup strong channel base in the country, and will also strive to set new benchmarks in the wireless networking domain”.


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