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Kaspersky enlightens partners on its enterprise solutions

By Digital Edge Bureau, 24.08.2016, 12:31

Team Kaspersky (including Altaf Halde, MD, Kaspersky Lab, South-Asia) with enterprise solutions partners at the recently held Mumbai Partner Pitstop Meet

Already enjoying the position of being one of the leading, and most popular consumer security software brands in India, Russia’s Kaspersky Lab, now, has sharpened its focus on addressing the burgeoning enterprise security market in the country. As firms and organizations turn more sophisticated by adopting virtualized datacentres—buttressed by intelligent cloud layers—securing vital components like servers and storage resources becomes absolutely necessary. In many ways the traditional contours of endpoints have gone beyond typical PCs, tablets and smart-phones—they now cover key-building blocks including servers and storage systems ‘which behave like endpoints’. Therefore, securing enterprises in virtualized and cloud-ready environment is the new occupation which Kaspersky vows to deliver on fully and efficiently.
But then, covering a market of India’s size, the Great Russian firm does need an expansive and well-trained partner ecosystem. It is this expediency, which has made Kaspersky to organize the partner summit— christened, Partner Pitstop Meet—in Mumbai for enlightening and equipping the folks with adequate knowledge and skills for addressing the lucrative enterprise endpoint security products & solutions market in a transforming India. Earlier, Kaspersky Lab held a similar partner event in Bangalore.
According to company officials, the key agenda of the program mainly focused on technical overview of the latest offerings and services for defending enterprises covering virtualized datacenters—including servers and storage systems. The company shared with its partners the wide solutions repertoire—including security intelligence services, DDoS protection and anti-APT solutions—it has for enterprise customers. “At Kaspersky Lab, we’ve always been proactive, not just in foreseeing challenges that would soon surface, but also in designing innovative solutions which would counter those emerging security threats pre-emptively. With our experienced professionals, we’ve always been a step ahead of cyber criminals”, said Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab, South-Asia. “One of the high-lights of this Partner Pitstop Meet has been to showcase our extreme capability in securing ATMs (automated teller machines) and POS (point of sales) systems against hacking and targeted cyber attacks. Our Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security solutions are designed to tackle security vulnerabilities and threats being faced by ATMs and POS systems deployed in lakhs in the country”, added Halde.


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