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Twitter’s self-service ad gets hot embrace by Indian SMBs

By Digital Edge Bureau, 27.01.2016, 14:33

Twitter’s self-service ad is being increasingly adopted by India’s burgeoning SMBs


Emily Huo, Head of SMB Sales, Asia-Pacific: Bright market prospects in India

Social media is an innocent platform, which behaves the way users want it to behave. This has served as personalized and intimate vehicles for carrying views and thoughts and even personalities of colossal numbers of users in the ‘fairly’ connected world. But the way social media is being used for harnessing better business proposition is truly heartening—millions of companies are making use of this wonderful mass-media platform for branding and customer facilitating purposes. However, of many social media platforms, Twitter is the one which has walked extra miles by launching easy-to-handle mechanism for putting personalized advertisements by user companies on its platform. Launched in September 2015 in India and 200 other countries, the service called ‘self-service ad’ has attracted a large number of companies especially small and medium businesses (SMBs) from across the globe. However, the responses around this newly launched service platform in India have become phenomenal as the country—home to 51 million SMBs—has been zooming ahead on the faster trajectory of growth and development.
Since the self-service ad platform was launched in India, thousands of Indian SMBs have advertised on Twitter. This makes India one of the fastest-growing SMB markets for Twitter worldwide. In fact, depending on the business goal, Twitter’s ‘self-service ad’ platform helps business owners reach the right target audience, develop objective-based campaigns, create best-format ads, as well as use analytics to improve their campaign. “The exponential rise of the Internet, mobile, social media, along with the changing face of Digital India, has made this country one of the leading startup hubs worldwide. India is one of Twitter’s fastest-growing SMB markets worldwide and, in just four months, is already our third largest SMB market in Asia Pacific, after Japan and Australia. We’re excited to work with the Indian SMB community to help them achieve their business goals and reach over 320 million Twitter users worldwide”, said Emily Huo, Head of SMB Sales, Asia-Pacific.
Some of the companies which have been reaping the benefits out of this campaign include Magic Sewa, Mumbai City Football Club, Axis Mutual Fund, Action Aid India, Nandos’ India, and Edelweiss.
If we take the example of MagicSewa, this Delhi-based radio cab service has been using Twitter to raise brand awareness, to generate leads and to get people to start taking rides with them by encouraging mobile app promotions to download their mobile app, and website clicks to take booking through their website. The ROI has been high, as the business owner has invested less than 1$ per engagement.
On the other hand, Mumbai City FC, the Mumbai team of the Indian Super League, has used Twitter’s self-service ad platform to gain brand equity, increase brand awareness and to increase engagement of their Tweets, which will eventually lead to ticket sales.
While, Axis Mutual Fund ran several campaigns on Twitter’s self-service ad platform including ‘Do your homework’ and ‘Tax man says’ to increase investor awareness on their financial instruments and products and to reach a micro-targeted audience of the top influencers on the platform.


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