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HP India goes full throttle with Indigo digital presses

By Digital Edge Bureau, 22.01.2016, 13:37

(R-L) Michael Boyle-Vice President & GM, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Asia Pacific & Japan; and Appadurai, Country Manager, Digital Press & Inkjet Business Solutions, HP India

HP brings in a twist—its Indigo digital presses are all set to storm the commercial and enterprise printing market in India hitherto strongly controlled by Xerox, and recently by Canon, Ricoh and even Konica Minolta. In a major show of strength, HP—since it’s separation into two distinct companies recently—has come out with strong intends for the commercial printing space covering cut-sheet and continuous digital presses as well as large-format printing category. The company desires to replicate its huge success—garnered around HP Indigo series of cut-sheet digital presses, continuous-fed HP PageWide Web digital presses, and HP Latex series of large format printers (LFPs) globally—to India.
A few days back, Michael Boyle-Vice President & GM, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Asia Pacific & Japan; and Appadurai, Country Manager, Digital Press & Inkjet Business Solutions, HP India, made it very clear that the company would be addressing the digital commercial printing segment more aggressively by deploying latest machines and productivity enhancing solutions and best-practices here in India. Also, like other developed markets, labels and packaging usage is likely to propel the market of Indigo range of digital press in India. In a rapidly transforming India, HP senses a strong market for its entire range of digital presses.
Falling under the broader category of HP Graphics Solutions Business (GSB), the company has formidable repertoire of digital presses which can bring value to both print service providers and enterprises for making their brands further felt and hugely visible.
According to HP’s officials, with over 7000 HP Indigo presses in 120 countries, HP is the world’s number one supplier of digital presses notching up 65 percent market share. On the other hand HP PageWide Web continuous-fed press customers worldwide have printed over 120 billion pages. HP PageWide XL 8000 and 5000 printer series started shipping in 2015, disrupting the technical production market dominated by LED technology. While, HP Latex series of LFPs has been growing by 46 percent year over year. In fact, HP Latex 360 Printer is ranked as the top-selling printer in its category in the U.S.


HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press


Label printings done on HP Indigo digital press

Recent developments around HP Indigo
The HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press reached over 200 units installed in nearly 40 countries worldwide, with more than 20 customers installing multiple units (up to six presses) at the same site.
Customers are continuing to break impression records on the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press. At the end of Q4, one HP customer recorded 1.6 million B2 impressions on a single press – in a single week.
In June 2014, HP announced the HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press, the fourth generation of its best-selling HP Indigo 7000 series featuring even higher productivity and quality. Since then, HP has launched an enhancement package that provides significant improvements in color management and productivity per shift, new applications and media, along with upgrade kits for the installed base. HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press advancements include:
A color management package that simplifies color management across jobs, presses and sites, using media fingerprinting technology and leveraging the in-line spectrophotometer. Optimizer, which organizes the print queue in the most efficient way, helps plan for substrate use, minimizes trips to the warehouse and reduces downtime. It also enables seamless proofing while printing. Customers say it can boost their print production per shift by up to 50 percent.
In June 2015, HP Indigo announced the HP Indigo 7r Digital Press, a fully-warranted remanufactured press equipped with latest technologies of the HP Indigo 7000 series that is upgradeable to all added value features of the HP Indigo 7800. HP Indigo also saw double-digit page growth in the labels & packaging segment in 2014 and continued the momentum in 2015 in labels and new packaging markets. The installed base of the market-leading HP Indigo WS6000 series doubled to 1000 units in the two years between Label Expo Brussels 2013 and 2015.


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